Initiative Tracker

A simple yet powerful encounter manager &
initiative tracker for tabletop roleplaying games

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Encounter management made easy

Keeping track of everything that’s happening when running combat during a game session can be tricky. BattleTrack uses a sleek material design interface which makes it easy to check key information at a glance.

All monster rolls are done automatically with options for automatic or manual entry for players. Initiative order is sorted in an instant so you can get on with running the action. Turns and rounds are tracked as well as damage and healing interactions so there's no confusion over hit points.

Tracking screenshot

Quickly create your ideal encounter

Creating encounters in BattleTrack is fast and simple. Multiple monsters can be added all from the same screen and adding players is a breeze. Just tap on a player group then tap the all button to add them to the battle.

The difficulty is calculated for you in an instant and shown at the top of the screen. This enables you to experiment quickly and create the encounter that's right for your players.

Encounter creation screenshot

Support for multiple encounters

Create and store as many encounters as you want. Prepare all your encounters ahead of time so you can get things started in seconds. All encounters are logged so you can keep a record of all your combat sessions.

BattleTrack helps keep your game running smoothly without letting technology take over the table, designed to alleviate some of the painful parts of GMing while emphasising the moments that keep us coming back to the table.

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